Seller Financing - No Bank Homes

Seller Financing

Many Home Buyers are unable to take advantage of reduced interest rates due to the bank’s approval standards. Mortgage approvals through banks are increasingly difficult. Typically, the hurdle that most potential home buyers can’t jump is the credit approval. However, there is more than one way to purchase a home. Seller financing aka owner financing, will allow you to purchase a home today without credit approval.

What is Seller Financing?

The seller has the option of financing the purchase of his/her home with the equity in their property. They may finance part or the entire mortgage for you. You will receive the deed and the keys at closing.

What are the Benefits of Seller Financing?

  • No bank approval needed
  • Less than perfect credit is ok
  • Gives you time to restore your credit
  • Approximately 20% or more is best for down payment
  • Easy and quick approval
  • Great alternative for those who don’t meet today’s strict mortgage qualification guidelines
  • Affordable because of custom terms that work for you
  • Terms are more negotiable
  • No loan processing or guarantee fees
  • No debt to income limits
  • No invasive lender controls or audits
  • Ability to add substantial value by renovating and remodeling
  • No long approval process or complicated underwriting from mortgage companies
  • No escrow fees or mortgage closing costs
  • All of the down payment cash is credit toward the purchase
  • No escrow account. Taxes and insurance are paid monthly as you go
  • Won’t interfere with your ability to purchase other properties

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